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Annual Tax Testing

Tax testing is a groundbreaking precautionary tax and overall inspection system for businesses. It was created based on the needs of most businesses to have a clearer view, a more thorough update and precautionary control of the business tax status.

It is aimed at businesses – no matter is they are our clients- that want to have a clear view of their obligations towards the tax authority at any time so that they could avoid any unpleasant surprise.

Through the Annual Tax Testing you can gain a thorough report for the accounting system of your business as well as for potential flaws and irregularities in company’s accounting books. In this way you can make corrections in errors that may occur and define with precision the possible cost in case of tax audit to any accounting period.

The benefits of Annual Tax Testing

It can identify errors or omissions in the company’s books during the accounting period so that they can be fixed and not be repeated.

It can define the potential outcome of an audit so that all shareholders are informed.

It can assist in the resolution of any disagreement between the shareholders regarding the certification of financial results.