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Fast Tax

A few years into the economic crisis of 2008 we faced the challenging question of offering quality services to those in need but they could not afford or were unwilling to be bound to a fixed monthly charge. This is how Fast tax was created , when we designed new affordable options in order to provide the best quality services for our clients.

Fast tax, offers a la carte tax services. With Fast Tax you get reminders timely (email, sms, telephone, etc) for the tax deadlines. In this way you can book an appointment to complete any tax obligation by being charged only for the actual service needed along with the time used for completion.

Time is time & money is money



Fast Tax is suitable for individuals and self-employed who need specific accounting services with no further commitments and demands.

For instance, self-employed with a small amount of invoices and receipts, freelancers, sole proprietorships, small shops and businesses etc.



Some of the services provided through Fast Tax are:


• VAT return submission


• KEPYO statements submission


• Submission of lease agreements


• Monthly submission of Intrastat & Recapitulative statements


• Tax Return submission