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For the past 40 years, we provide tax, accounting and consulting services, combining the professional approach with interpersonal contact and recognizing the uniqueness of each client. With the moto “Do not pay what you do not owe” we are here to offer you the best possible solution to your case and to relieve you of the worries of tax obligations.


We fully understand that money cannot bring you back an hour you lost trying to get away with a tax issue. Our concern is always to take the extra step on your case in order to provide you with top level services at very competitive prices.


We could not do this if we did not recognize the uniqueness of each client and approach each case based on trust and honesty.


We make sure that we work faithfully in the code of conduct that governs our profession and the operating policies that we have set, and we do not undertake any case we realise that needs exceptions. Our goal is to inform the client in a timely and correct manner about the context of their case and their subsequent support based on common and clear goals that have been set from the beginning.


We try to participate as much as possible in Corporate Social Responsibility activities and provide free services to certain vulnerably social groups.In the same context we maintain a policy of equal opportunities in the workplace and have zero tolerance for racism, bullying/intimidation and any type of harassment.

If you belong to those who do not want:

pay what they do not owe

be confronted with the consequences of mistakes and omissions of third parties

to waste time in public services

to live with the stress of the tax office

to be lost in the meze of constant changes in tax legislation

then our Office can be your valuable ally that will relieve you of all burdens.

Please contact us for any further information about our services