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Evolution of P.T.S.C from its concept till today

In early 1990s, the founder of our company, Charalampos Karampelas realised that the unique nature of tax services was creating a gap in the relationship between the client and the accountant. He also pointed out that many individuals who turned to an accountant for their annual tax return submission, more often than not they needed consulting services or extra services during the year.


Many of them expressed their concern in calling several times as these services – which most of the times took a little time to complete- were not charged and they hesitated to contact. As a result of the above Charalampos decided to create the Private Tax Service Club.


A decade later, in 2000, P.T.S.C. had already become a trademark of our company with a customer base comprising mainly of high-income taxpayers, owners of residential property and foreign tax residents.


Acknowledging that each taxpayer has different needs and with the goal , each client to be charged only for the services they require, we created four specialised tax service packages so that each client could choose the one that meets their needs.


Today, 30 years after its establishment, Private Tax Service Club packages have been reformed according to the current tax demands and with reasonable and competitive prices. Our main aim is to cover all our taxpayers’ needs, from simple to more complicated ones, 365 days a year, providing a stable safety net through the complex tax requirements and changes.