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Private Tax Service Club

This service concerns the continuous support for individuals on tax issues, 365 days regardless of the annual tax return submission. Private tax club includes various service packages depending on the taxpayer’s needs. Each package has a fixed price which contains not only the filling and the submission of the annual tax return, but also more specific services all year round as well as discounts for extra services that may be necessary.

Silver Tax Card is our basic card suitable to individuals with basic tax returns and requirements ( e.g employees, pensioners). Our services include preparation and submission of your tax return, keeping your taxisnet codes through a safe system, monthly updates for tax lottery and the expenses needed to claim the annual allowance, our newsletter for upcoming tax obligations and changes in law. Furthermore, the owner of Silver Tax Card gains discounts from 10% to 50% to our other services.

Gold Tax Card is our middle card which offers more services compared to Silver package. It is suitable to individuals with more complex tax returns such as owners of property with or without rental income. Amongst its provisions you can find, telephone contact with our office for general questions, online approval and submission of Tenancy Agreements, application for benefits, monthly notification for outstanding tax liabilities, email with Property Tax Certificates and circulation fees, settlement of taxes owned, and major discounts up to 50% to our other services.

Our more comprehensive card is Platinum Tax Card. It is suitable for individuals who require a touch of personalised service to their tax issues. The holder benefits from direct phone contact with a specified accountant for customised questions and inquiries, draft of tenancy agreements, calculation of Capital Expenditure, annual appointment to our office, external works in public authorities and  customised email notifications regarding important tax legislation changes. Wider discounts to our other services also apply.

It’s a card which is not for sale. We will know if it suits you and we will tell you so.