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We undertake the tax, accounting and payroll support of your company.

We are here to offer high level support at competitive prices, whether you have a sole proprietorship, a limited partnership or a limited liability company (Ltd), IKE or S.A. and regardless of whether you need an accountant for the full range of work or even an external partner to oversee your internal accounting.



We provide full tax support in any type of business with  single or double-entry accounting records. We aim to promptly notify the client  of her  obligations without having to worry  about missing last minute deadlines.


Bookkeeping of category B and C businesses.

Entries of invoices and receipts in accounting management program according to the requirements of the legislation and production of the required accounting books


Notice of VAT Returns, Intrastat, KEPYO, FMY tax obligations.

We prepare and submit your tax returns to the relevant platforms on a monthly or quarterly basis


Preparation and Analysis of Financial Statements

We prepare the annual financial statements according to your business category and take care of their publication.


Guidance on the application of new tax provisions

Changes in legislation are common in Greece. We provide monthly updates on any changes in legislation so you can know the impact on your business specifically and guidance on any changes that need to be made.


Support during tax audits

Full support by providing advice, drafting and submitting clarification letters and our presence in the tax audit service.


Monitoring of the internal accounting department and monthly check of the business book records.

Monitoring of the accounting department at the client’s registered office in case of internal accounting department or at our office through accounting programs.


Carrying out all transactions with the State (Tax Authorities, Insurance Organizations, Business Registry (G.E.MI.), Administrative Region and Chambers)

Carrying out external work in all public services and supporting online payments of tax liabilities.




The observance of a company’s payroll is a sector with many changes in recent years. The obligations of registering “online” the changes daily and informing “ERGANI” platform is a difficult task.

We undertake the calculation of payroll according to your specialized needs and requirements as well as the submission of all forms provided by the legislation.


Payroll and Labour Services


Collection and processing of all data for the monthly calculation of payroll.

Calculating payroll through appropriate software always updated with the latest changes in labour issues.


Fulfilling obligations to insurance and supplementary funds.

Submission of APD (Analytical Periodic Declaration) according to the current legislation and notification of financial obligations to the insurance funds.


Preparation and submission of annual employees’ statements.

We prepare the annual employees’ list by recording all company’s staff having a dependent employment and their information and submit it online to SEPE.


Submission of staff recruitments, resignations and dismissals on ERGANI platform

Completion and submission of recruitment forms, resignation and dismissal of employees on ERGANI online platform.


Representation in labour matters to the relevant departments (company and employment records, document filing)


Inclusion in Subsidized Programs of OAED

Check for inclusion in the appropriate OAED programs and support in the application process.


Payroll calculation of specialized cases (workers, overtime, Sundays)