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Consulting services consists of a wide range of tasks that the client often ignores their existence or even that they need them.

We are here to provide you consulting support when you need it or even when we think you need it, having a good knowledge of each client’s profile, the market and the legislation.

Business Consulting Services

Business Consulting Services


The part of business consulting is complementary of our tax and accounting services. We provide support on matters in addition to the usual accounting support.


Business Administration & Management Services



Advice in regards of organising your accounting department

Support in the organization of an internal accounting department by providing advice and appropriate tools and operating procedures as well.


Making of Short-Term and Long-Term Budgets


Business financial analysis


Setting up Business Plans


Carrying out preventive annual tax audits

Ability to perform annual conducting preventive tax audits in the company’s books and notification of any risk.


Training, evaluation and selection of personnel for staffing the accounting department

Candidate selection procedure and interviews for staffing your internal accounting department, ability to evaluate existing staff and training in programs and how the accounting works.

Specialized Consulting Services

Specialized Consulting Services

Providing consulting services on specialized and complex matters is one of the most interesting parts of our work. Either on individuals or businesses, is always required a detailed planning and a careful implementation. Our long experience in company transformations and special cases guarantees the successful completion of any difficult case.


Advice on tax issues of business transformations.

Consulting services on business transformations and full tax support in mergers,  conversions, divisions, etc.


Support on large real estate matters and real estate transactions.

Real estate tax planning and support in negotiations and sales contracts


•  Support on business valuation matters – purchase of shares / stocks / estimation of business value.

We estimate the value of the transfer of shares, businesses or property in cases of contribution, sale or wherever else needed.


Tax advice on company set up.

Advice on the appropriate form of company you should create upon your unique circumstances and full support during the establishment to the relevant authorities (Prefecture, Chambers, Tax Office, etc.)


Intermediation services


Support in legal business audit (due diligence)


Support in Incorporations, Conversions, Mergers, Acquisitions, Transfers, Solutions and Liquidations of any type of company.

Carrying out any kind of business transformation by undertaking all the procedures in the relevant services as well as the drafting of articles of association and other legal documents, with the help of our external partners.


Planning tax-efficient investments


Real estate management companies

We advise on the most efficient way to manage your property in terms of income tax, transfer, etc.