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Foreign Residents

We have been dealing with cases of foreign residents since 1990, at a time when few people was paying attention in concepts such as global income and Double Taxation Agreements. Therefore we are able to directly evaluate the changes in legislation and understand what impact they have on the client.


Our specialized staff and network of partners that we have created over the years worldwide, with support from our office that operates in London since 2010, will advise you on what applies to your case and will undertake to support your matter.

Switch Tax Residence / Establisment in Greece

Switch Tax Residence / Establisment in Greece

In many cases, the switch to the Tax Office of Residents abroad or even the declaration of a foreign taxpayer as a tax resident of Greece can be complicated. This is because the changes in legislation are continuous and each country has its own conditions and details that make each case unique. We are here to listen to you, to advise you on what exactly applies to your case and to undertake any work to complete the transfer successfully. You can read more in our article here for what applies regarding switching to the Tax Office of foreign residents as well as the changes for foreign residents that came with the tax returns of 2020.


Consulting services regarding the transfer to the Tax Office for Residents Abroad

We provide advice on the transfer of tax residents abroad and the process to the relevant tax authorities from beginning to end. We handle cases involving a retrospective transfer to Tax Office for Residents Abroad (for the last five years) and support in the collection of documents, translations and validations etc.


Support on double taxation issues

We provide consulting services and support to foreign residents on double taxation issues depending on the country and the type of income.


Analysis and interpretation of Double Taxation Agreements

Explanation for understanding the tax implications of Double Taxation Agreement provisions depending on the country of residence and the type of income.


Support on tax establishment of foreign residents in Greece

We provide advice on and undertake the process of settling foreign residents in Greece, obtaining VAT number, registration in the domicile registers, support in opening a bank account etc.


Tax representative services


Tax summons services

Foreign entities

Foreign entities

A special department of our company is responsible for handling issues of companies involving with two or more countries.


Support on branches of foreign companies to Greece

Tax support during the establishment of branches of foreign companies in Greece as well as full tax monitoring in accordance with the legislation.


Re-domiciliation of companies

Support in the process of re-domiciliation of foreign companies to Greek, by drafting all documents and carrying out the work in the competent agencies.


Establishment of subsidiaries or branches of Greek companies abroad

With the help of our partners we support you in opening a branch or subsidiary of your Greek company in a foreign country.


Consulting on transfer pricing – business groups in different countries


• Consulting on transfer pricing – business groups in different countries


• Issuance of tax residence certificates


Tax exemption procedure under the Double Taxation Agreements