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Individuals – P.T.S.C

Private Tax Service Club is a service of annual tax support for individuals during the year that is not limited to the submission of the annual tax return. It includes several different service packages depending on your needs. Each package has a fixed price and apart from filling in and submit your annual tax return, provides access to specific services as well as discounts on any extra service you may need during the year.

Self-Assessment Tax Returns (E1, E2 and E3 forms)

Preparation and submission of annual Tax Returns of individuals. Check of the tax calculation and update before the submission.


Individual Tax support in real estate part (E9 supplementation, Leases, ENFIA certificates, AIRBNB short-term lease declarations, tax clearance certificates)

Full tax support for individuals in real estate issues by undertaking the submission and acceptance of leases, supplementation of E9, issuance of ENFIA certificates, monthly declarations of short-term leases of Airbnb real estate, etc.


Monthly update of any debts

We provide timely update by email on debts of individuals to the public services and the social security funds.


Foreign Income

Support on declaration of foreign income and the best tax planning.


Applications for allowances, settlements at the tax office

Information on allowances and submission of applications for rent allowances, gas oil allowance, child allowance (A21 form) etc. Possibility of settling public debts and monthly installment update.


Assets and Funds-source declarations

Supplementary and online submission of assets and funds-source declarations.


Representation for your tax issues in the relevant tax authorities

Presence of a specialized partner in the relevant public services for the resolution of your tax issues.


External work at the tax office

We undertake works at the relevant tax office and provide the necessary paperwork.


Update for changes in taxation

Regularly update to individuals about current tax changes by emails or telephone.