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Procedure for scheduling online an appointment with a representative of the Tax Office


With myAADElive you can communicate remotely with representatives of the Tax Office, for procedures such as the issuance of a personal key number that you need for the issuance of taxisnet codes.


The steps for scheduling an online appointment for issuing a personal key number are as follows:


1. You enter gov.grand opens the portal

You enter your email and the alphanumeric that appears in the black box and click «Υποβολή»(Submit).

You will receive a link to enable access link to myAADElive to the email that you entered at the 1st box.

2. Clicking on the link in the email, a new screenopens, where you select “Απόδοση Κλειδαρίθμου” (personal key number issuance), that currently is the only service available.

3. The calendar opens and you select the day and time you want toschedule a video call with a representative of the Tax Office.

4. After selecting a date, you will automatically receive in your email the confirmation of the reservation, where you can check the date and time of the appointment as well as manage your reservation in case of a change.

5. At the day and time of the scheduled appointment

In the confirmation email sent to you when you scheduled theappointment, you select “Συμμετοχήσεσύσκεψη Teams”(Join a Teams Meeting) and the screen opens for the meeting with the representativeof the tax office.You’llneed to type your full name and select “Συμμετοχήτώρα”(Join Now) after checking if your camera and microphone are turned on.

For more prompt and quality service, you should pay attention to the following requirements:


  • Fast and reliable Internet connection.
  • Your surroundings to be in total silence during the video call.
  • To activate the camera and microphone of the device from which you will connect.
  • If you have chosen to connect with the tax office representative via your desktop or laptop, running Windows, it is recommended to select the web version of Microsoft Teams.
  • In order to appear clearly the necessary documents requested by the representative of AADE (such as ID, passport, etc.), you must “cover” your screen with the document, as you see it through the application, during the conversation.
  • Particularly, if you are using your mobile phone, it is recommended to use the phone’s basic camera (higher resolution) at the time you are asked to show the required documents (camera rotation).